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A niche business vertical that will benefit greatly from our specialized, bespoke service and rich heritage as our pedigree will compliment brand names and their products. In an industry where ‘looking their best ‘ will be critical, Clearvisions can offer specific external or internal cleaning of glass, chandelier, fabric and luxury fitting cleaning like no one else! Call us today so that ‘We can make you look good!”


This is our pioneering business vertical for which we consider ourselves to be an established market leader. Whether it is an interior or exterior job, our repeat and regular clients value our fast, efficient work and always turn to us to solve their difficult cleaning problems. Executive House Keepers and Maintenance Engineers keep us on speed dial for advice and solutions to time and resource consuming ‘headaches’ that give them plenty to worry about as budgeting is always a concern. Call us to learn how you can have a structured maintenance schedule that will not bust your budget. We know how to make you look good!


The leisure industry is a growing one and as ‘play’ grows to be just as important as ‘work, ’ organizations in this industry understand the value of a good, ‘pleasing to the eye’ appearance to help draw in visitors to their locations, products or services. Clearvisions recognizes this need and has the capabilities and technology to deliver customized solutions that save time and money to help maximize the visitor dollar. We help upkeep and prolong all stakeholder investment that goes into the structure and fittings through our specialist cleaning solutions. We know we can make you look good!


Commercial buildings depend on providing functional space for lease to a multitude of businesses. Location and practicality go a long way in influencing rent prices but in today’s highly visual context where looking good is as important as being good means a nice looking building can help appreciate rent prices. Many developers build commercial buildings with a lot of attractive building materials like glass, stone and aluminum then struggle to keep it looking good with an erratic ‘as needed when it looks bad’ maintenance program. This is a serious mistake that has been a nightmare for FMs to manage and deal with. Facilities managers often forsake a regular maintenance program and often react with ad hoc budgets only when the damage becomes very visible. Often this means the problem is serious and the solution usually cost many times more than what a monthly maintenance schedule will cost. Work safety regulations often require expensive certifications and job site clearances and these unfortunately, add to the cleaning costs. We have many innovative solutions to help FMs manage their ‘ad hoc’ cleaning needs, both external and internal that will help keep up the appearance looking good longer in between cleaning schedules. We understand the value of ‘looking good!’


Government buildings today are a far cry from the institutionalized façade and look of the past. Looking more like private, corporate buildings, they too have gone in a big way to construct hundreds of new and refurbished buildings with aesthetically pleasing materials like high quality glass and aluminum and less of mortar and stone. Proportionately, the maintenance and upkeep of their buildings is a major concern like any other private entity. To service the government sector, a company must have a good track record; have a clean ‘operating bill’ with all the necessary certifications and clearances. Couple that with cost effective processes and transparent billing protocols. Clearvisions is equipped with all of these and is offering customized cleaning programs for the Government to tap on. This will ensure best prices with a service quality that is often only associated with top dollar investments.

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